The Most Secure Cell Phone

It comes as no surprise in the wake of the latest news on the NSA that you would be asking, “What is the most secure cell phone for me?”  I get this question all the time.

All phones have what is called an Operating System (OS).  This basically is how the phone runs. So we need to be asking, “Which cell phone Operating System is most secure?” Is it Android, iOS (iphone), Blackberry or Windows 8?

Alas, there is not a perfect cell phone operating system in the world.  You basically have to live by the fact that you have no real security in the digital world. Period. So, first off, don’t do anything with your phone that you would be ashamed of if it was discovered. Secondly, what is secure now may not be later on.  Just because someone can’t crack the encryption code now does not mean they won’t be able to eventually do it.

Today, one of my trusted mentors, Dr. Clay Boswell, sent me this article  from The Verge (

“Apple claims it can’t decrypt FaceTime and iMessage data, details extent of government requests”

I’m not going into detail about the article, you can read it for yourself.  But it seems the claim is that the latest iPhone’s FaceTime and iMessage data is encrypted and that even Apple itself can’t break the code.

“Hold on”, you say.  “Apple made it, how can they not know how it works?” That was my question to Dr. Boswell also. Let’s just say if I told you the answer you’d be scratching your head saying, “HUH????”  Experts have a way of doing that to ya.  Since Dr. Boswell is an expert, I just say “OK” .

So based on this article and Apple’s claims, it appears  for the time being that the latest iPhones are one of if not the most secure cell phone on the planet….for now. From my experience, the next in line would be the Blackberry Operating System (but it remains to be seen if BB can make a comeback or go the way of the Palm Pilot).

Like I said, it may be secure today, but broken tomorrow.  Watch what you do with your phones!  Like a football, anything in the air can be intercepted.