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Tom Slovenski
Mobile Forensics Examiner

Hello! I am Tom Slovenski,  the Founder and Chief Forensic Examiner at Cellular Forensics, LLC.  Welcome to my website!

Let’s face it, cell phones are everywhere! They have become such a permanent part of each of our lives that many of us can’t live without them.  Due to their wide acceptance and usage,  cell phones hold so much data about a person.

So, a cell phone is literally Digital DNA.”  Give me 5 minutes with a cell phone and I can give you a complete psychological make- up on the user.  SMS texts, call history, pics, videos, voice mails, the cell towers used and so much more are on a cell phone and that is the kind of evidence that can make or break a case!  Do you need that type of evidence? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Since 2007, I have successfully assisted hundreds of clients across America and abroad find the data they needed from mobile phones. With over 25 years as an investigative professional (as a Police Detective and Private Investigator), I diligently work to get as much evidence as possible from a mobile device.  I am proficient with the over 7500 models of cell phones in existence today.  In fact, I pioneered the Mobile Forensics explosion in my own state of South Carolina (you can go to my “About” page to view more).

If you are a discerning client needing expert, efficient and confidential services for your mobile forensic and data recovery needs, then look no further!   Plus, I do this for a living, not as a hobby.  I am constantly working with and finding new ways to secure the data you need.  My unique proprietary methods, software and equipment ensure that you receive the most data retrieved from a mobile device.  In the end, you will know the truth.

My Services Include: 

  • Cell Phone Data Recovery from over 7500 models of mobile phones (Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, LG and More!)
  • Mobile Phone Spyware Discovery (yes, a cell phone can be bugged!)
  • Cell Tower Analysis and Tower Plotting
  • Consultations for Attorneys and Individuals
  • Court Room Testimony/Expert Witness
  • Incident Response
  • Mobile Phone Security
  • Training for Legal Professionals

My Clients Include:

  • Law Enforcement (International and Domestic)
  • Distinguished Law Firms
  • Solicitors/District Attorneys
  • Large Multinational Corporations
  • International Government Agencies
  • TSCM Specialists
  • Uniquely Successful Individuals with Special Needs

My Cases Include:

  • Homicides
  • Home Invasions
  • Infidelity/Divorce
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Bugging of Cell Phones
  • Corporate Theft/Intellectual Property
  • Expert Witness
  • Liability and Wrongful Death through Use of a Cell Phone

So as you can see, I am pretty much a “one stop shop” for your cell phone data needs. And, I was the first to write a book on Mobile Forensics for the police!.  Additionally, I am a Technical Consultant for the hit TV show, “CSI”. So, as you can see,  I know what you are looking for!

Let my expertise work for you!

Email me or call my office at (864) 962-7307.

I look forward to working with you soon!

Tom Slovenski

Founder and Chief Forensic Examiner

Cellular Forensics, LLC